I vividly remember telling my first grade classmates on parents day that I wanted to be a "pet store lady." I wanted to own my own shop and take in all the animals that didn't have a place they could feel loved. Animals give us unconditional love, and I wanted to be able to save them all. As I grew older and experienced different trials in my life, I learned that humans, including myself, needed saving as well.
My parents are wonderful and gave me all of the support I needed to become a confident young woman. Unfortunately, Satan is powerful and I found my self-image and confidence in myself deteriorating more and more each day. The only thing that brought me back and made me feel happy again was Jesus, and clothes.
Fast forward some time and I found myself working in an outfitters store. I enjoyed the atmosphere and talking with the customers that walked in the doors each day. However, I didn't know much about outdoors equipment and I couldn't tell customers everything they needed to know about a particular gun they had interest in. I beat myself up over it and pushed to gain more knowledge about inventory I was unfamiliar with, but still didn't feel I was where God intended for me to be. I found myself being offered a job at a new upscale women's boutique that was coming to town, and I jumped at the opportunity to broaden my knowledge with women's fashion. 
 That aspiration of being a "pet store lady" faded into being a nurse, then a psychiatrist, and lastly because of the opportunity I took as a sales associate at a boutique, owning and operating my own clothing store. I found a heavy passion in helping women find their self-worth and strength in the clothing that they wore because of my personal struggles. 
 I never thought that I would be where I am at age 23. A full-time college student, planning my wedding that is in December, and owning/operating my own business.
The name "Weatherly" is special to me. My family is dear to my heart, with Weatherly being my mother's maiden name and my middle name. I have always thought of it as unique, and I wanted a way to be able to carry it on into the next generation. As for Grey, there is no real reason why I chose it other than I wanted my future child's name (if it is in God's will) to be Weatherly Gray.
March, 2018 is when I overcame my fears and was encouraged to run with the opportunity that I had been given. With many prayers, I decided that I would start my career as a business owner early on and do the best I could all while finishing school to graduate with a business degree in marketing. 
Without God as well as my family's constant support and motivation to keep pushing when I feel like giving up, I wouldn't be where I am. 
I am passionate about this business and  the customers it brings with it. Shopping should be easy and it should be fun. It should also give us a sense of confidence and make us feel empowered and beautiful. I have made it my mission to create a friendly, fun, and unique experience all with a personal touch. I hope you'll shop with me and support my small business! 
Psalm 46:5 
God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved.
God will help her when morning dawns.